FUSION is a highly anticipated hip-hop dance competition in California hosted by the UC San Diego student organization: Multi-Asian Student Association (MASA).

Arranged solely through the efforts of college students, the success of FUSION rests on the diligence and determination of the members of MASA. We believe that dance is an uplifting and life changing form of expression that ought to be shared. Thus we created our vision of FUSION; to provide new dancers with the opportunity to be inspired by, grow, and join the growing dance community, to welcome dancers as a family and give them a place to perform, and to provide the audience with a memorable show.

Since its inception in 1999, FUSION has grown immensely. In the dance community, FUSION has long been an avenue for many of today’s most popular crews, including Jabbawockeez, Kaba Modern, Team Millennia and Poreotics. FUSION has won the title for the “Event Of The Year” from the Annual V.ENT Dance Awards in 2010 and 2011, and has also been nominated as “Best College Competition” by the World of Dance (WOD) Awards in 2011.

FUSION isn’t just a hip-hop dance competition. It’s an amalgam of talent, dedication, and culture that also seeks to educate its viewers, day of and after, about the Asian-American presence in the hip-hop community. It is a unique competition in the sense that it also has a focus on the cultural aspect of the community, bringing Asian-American talent into the limelight.


Hosted by UCSD Multi-Asian Student Association, FUSION XVII was held on Saturday, April 15th at San Diego Concourse Golden Hall with 16 competition teams and 8 exhibition teams. The 2017 Judging Panel consisted of Trevor Takemoto, Karen Chuang, Lauren Bennett, Dea Nguyen, and Vinh Nguyen. These five dance community leaders evaluated the 16 competing teams and identified the following as the winners of FUSION XVII:

1ST PLACE – Team Millennia

2ND PLACE – The G.O.O.D. Project

3RD PLACE – Family Bizness